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The Art of the Summer Picnic

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The sun is out, the mercury is rising… There's no better time than now to gather friends and family (finally!) for an outdoor picnic. Here, our cheat sheet to hosting the perfect al fresco outing.

What to Pack

1. Set the scene with the perfect blanket—we're partial to Mayde Lennox or Nipomo's handwoven styles, both available at our Summer Shop here.
2. Juliska's floral-lined picnic basket set
3. Picnic food covers by Amanda Lindroth—bugs, be gone!
4. Games! Check out the beautifully designed ones by Edie Parker here.
5. Shay tote by Sans-Arcidet Paris, exclusive to our VB stores nationwide.

What to Eat/Drink

1. Murray's al fresco cheese board, a deluxe outdoor dining spread
2. The Vice's canned rosé wine—why fumble with a bottle over uneven grass? Or, if you prefer a cocktail, try the mojito, made from small-batch Napa Valley wine and California-grown fruit—also in a handy can. Use promo code VBVICES and get 20% off.


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What to Wear

SHOP THE LOOK, clockwise from top left:

1. Wixson Mixed-Plaid Dress
2. Simone Sandal
3. Freya Hibiscus Visor
4. Patmos Bandana by From Mila


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