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Veronica Beard, Spring 2020

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VB Spring 2020

Backstage Beauty Tips

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Makeup by Cassandra Garcia for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
"It's a love letter to the late Sixties. We went for an intense winged eye, soft contour with light shimmer, and natural pink-tinted lips."

The Skin
1. Always start with proper skin care, A.K.A. moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!
2. Apply your foundation. We mixed together our weightless foundation with our primer for a lit-from-within glow.
3. Apply concealer under the eyes to brighten. To really brighten, use one shade lighter.

The Cheeks
1. We wanted to go for a muted cheek with lots of glow and light sculpting. To achieve this, do a soft contour using our bronzer, starting at the temples and into the cheekbones, then into the jawline and the neck. Pro tip: Never forget the neck!
2. To finish, use our highlighting powder in bronze glow to create a soft shimmer effect.

The Lips
1. Since the focus of this look is on the eyes, we went with a naturally tinted lip. Use our extra lip tint, which brilliantly adjusts to everyone’s natural lip color and helps to bring out that healthy pink glow.


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The Eyes
1. Start with our cream shadow base to create a smooth canvas and to make sure everything stays put throughout the day.
2. Use the highlighting powder (the same one used on the cheeks) to create a subtle, shimmering definition in the crease of the eyes.
3. Line the eyes with our long wear gel liner in black ink. To create the wing, started with the “flick” at the edge of the eye first, and work your way in with short strokes.
4. To really intensify the black winged eye, go over the line with our felt tip pen liner. This creates depth and a crisp look.
5. For lashes, we wanted a really fun, feathery look that still maintained definition. To achieve this, apply two coats of our mascara, which has a large brush that really creates the desired finish.

The Brow
1. Shape and define the brows with our perfectly defined brow pencil. Brush them through for a natural and full look, and finish with a clear brow gel to keep everything in place.

Makeup Hack
Use the cheek highlighter over the crease of the eye to really define the eyes.


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Hair by Kevin Hughes, Moroccanoil Artistic Director
"We stayed in tune with the Sixties vibe for hair, with tons of volume at the crown that falls into a perfectly undone and textured body. A deep side part and full swept bang really homed in on the theme."

The Prep
1. Begin with our Moroccanoil hair treatment to prep.
2. Next, spray our root boost directly onto the roots for maximum volume—remember, the bigger, the better here!
3. Use our volume boost throughout the hair to maintain an even body.
4. Apply our heat protectant after this—it's so crucial in every heat-styling treatment. You always, always want to protect the hair.

The Styling
1. Use a flat iron and rock it back and forth to create the broken, imperfect waves we had in the presentation. The key here is to make sure the ends are straight and not flicking out in a haphazard way.
2. To emphasize the undone look and feel, finish with a dry texture spray to maintain volume and give the “piecey” effect.
3. For volume up top, use a crimping iron just at the roots, so you don’t see the crimp.

Hair Hack
Instead of teasing, crimp at the roots—it's another way to add extra volume.


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Manicure by Rita Remark for Essie Nails
"The drama, femininity, and glamour of the Sixties—soft pinks with a shimmering translucence and iridescent finish, almost like a frosted stained glass window."

The Shape
A long oval shape—I call it the “high heels for nails” because it creates instant drama.

The Prep
1. Take care of your nails like you do your skin. Apply our base coat regularly, as it’s a true healing product that helps strengthen and protect nails from damage.

The Steps
1. Apply one coat of each of the following colors: High Maintenance, Vanity Fairest and Going Steady. The three hues created a whitish pink with a green iridescence.

Manicure Hack
1. Always polish confidently—and with generous amounts of nail polish—to avoid streaks.


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