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Veronica & Veronica

The Holiday Edition

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With the holiday party circuit in full swing, we talk to the Veronicas about all their entertaining secrets for throwing the perfect bash, from party-planning details to go-to statement styles. Plus, they spill about their more unconventional takes for Turkey Day...

Our non-traditional Thanksgiving tradition…
Veronica Miele Beard:
Pickled watermelon rind and pineapple cheese casserole. Are they dinner or dessert?
Veronica Swanson Beard: We usually fry our turkey and have it with corn soufflé, creamed spinach, bacon Brussel sprouts and sweet potato cups with marshmallows.

On holiday style and beauty…
Know what you're wearing and have it all ready the night before so you're not running around looking for things as the doorbell rings. I love rich colors and texture or moody prints. Love big statement colored jewelry and a dark stained lip. Lots of candlelight makes everyone look good!!
VMB: Sparkle! Wear a gorg barrette or headband. When it comes to beauty, my top tip is not to wear too much powder—glowy, highlighted skin wins.

Veronica Swanson Beard, left, in the Nila dress and Roan shoes, and Veronica Miele Beard wearing the Nicky top and Jania pants


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Top 3 Rules to Hosting the Perfect Party

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Clean up your holiday card list and order your cards in October. It’s so stressful trying to get them ordered and out in the middle of December when you’re going crazy. I should follow my own advice.
2. I love tabletop and decorating for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I collect all sorts of linens, votives, candles and decor all year long. I tie ombré wired ribbon around napkins and mix flowers, leaves, fall fruits and vegetables as decor on the table.
3. Set the table the night before. Have everything out including the platters you’re using. That way, the day-of you're just focused on food and what you’re wearing and having fun!

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Think about your guests and who will be fun together. I love when kids are invited.
2. People focus on food, but wine is key! Vivino, the app, is great to help pick out affordable but delectable wines.
3. Don't make people take their shoes off!

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Shop the Looks

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