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Fall 2020—10 Years

The Inspiration

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From the bottom of our hearts—thank you! Thank you for supporting us, believing in us and building this amazing community with us over the last 10 years. We love New York and we love this industry. We wouldn’t be here without you. Our hearts are full of gratitude.

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Fall 2020 celebrates what Veronica Beard has always stood for: you. We care as much about how you feel in our clothes as you look in them. We think about your 9 to 5, your morning to midnight, all the different ways you live your life. It’s about the cornerstones of your wardrobe, from the dickey jacket and the perfect pair of jeans to the statement coat and the versatility of layering—the pieces you wear every day, the MVPs designed for real life.

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When we were working on this collection, we kept going back to a sign that hangs in all of our stores: I Want It All. For us, it’s always represented the journey of working toward something, dreams and possibilities, family and fulfillment. This season, we're making a change: We Want It All.

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Because Veronica Beard is about more than us. Go after all the things you love. We got you. — Veronica & Veronica

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Photographed by Taylor Jewell

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