The Beverly


Our #1 best-selling jean, thanks to its magic leg-lengthening powers —plus back yoking that has a butt-lifting effect. Meet the holy grail of flattering fits.

Collection Details

Indulge in timeless style with Veronica Beard's 'Beverly High-Rise Skinny Flare Jean' collection. Immerse yourself in a range of meticulously crafted denim that seamlessly fuses classic appeal with contemporary flair. Explore a selection of expertly designed high-rise skinny flare jeans, each a blend of versatility and modern fashion allure. From impeccably tailored jeans exuding understated elegance to stylish bottoms tailored for everyday wear, these pieces epitomize denim sophistication. Luxurious fabrics and skilled craftsmanship define these jeans, ensuring both comfort and style in every wear. Elevate your wardrobe effortlessly by pairing these jeans with tailored blouses or casual tees for a chic yet relaxed ensemble. Experience the allure of Veronica Beard's Beverly High-Rise Skinny Flare Jeans, where fashion seamlessly intertwines with comfort, appealing to the discerning woman seeking enduring sophistication in her denim collection.