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Editors' Note

Spring 2020: The Super Femme Issue

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Quick—name three words that define femininity to you. We bet every answer out there is different. Because at the end of the day, when you think about it, there is really no one way to be feminine.

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For spring, we celebrated that idea—which is why we've named this the Super Femme Issue. Femininity can be strong. It can be sexy. It can be demure. It can be daring. It can be… you get the picture. A great peplum jacket, after all, can telegraph both power and allure. Things aren’t so easily boxed in.

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We also turned our sights to great vacation destinations—hello, spring break!—and found the perfect backdrop to our new swim collection in Miami. As anyone who has been there knows, the city breaks expectations, too. More than just sun-soaked beaches, it’s an art capital, a proverbial melting pot of culture, surrounded by as much cool blues as lush greens, with pops of pink and fiery reds in between… Even the incredible, inspiring women we interview, who call the Magic City home, hail from roots as far-flung as Cuba, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

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This issue also features our favorite co-stars: our daughters and sons. You’ve seen us at work—now, in “A Day in the (Home) Life,” we'll show you what our off-duty lives are like, too.

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Come on in, the water is warm… — Veronica & Veronica

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