7 things to know about adoption

Thinking about adoption but don’t know where to start? Then bookmark this page, stat. Because while adoption can be a beautiful journey, it can also be overwhelming and tricky to navigate. Below, our primer on the key things you need to know—courtesy of Becky Fawcett, founder of our VB Gives Back partner

1. Adoption is not a word to be whispered.  

Gone are the days of shame and secrecy. Adoption should be celebrated and talked about—not spoken of in a whisper. 

2. Don't make assumptions about adoption. 

No two adoptions are the same. People adopt for many different reasons; people place their children for many different reasons and adoptees embrace their adoptions in many different ways.

3. Adoption is expensive.

This is a fact. An average adoption costs over $40,000—no matter who you are, no matter where you live.

4. Do your homework before you get started.  

There are many different ways to adopt. Do you want to adopt a domestic newborn? Or internationally? Or foster to adopt? Do you want an infant or an older child? Would you consider adopting outside your race? Would you consider a child with special needs? These are all initial questions to ask yourself before you head down the adoption road so that you can find the right professional to help you.

5. When it comes to adoption professionals, beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.  

Please do your homework on adoption professionals (attorneys and agencies) to check out their ethical reputations. Not all adoption professionals have your best interests at heart.  

6. Curiosity is your ally. 

Research, ask questions and trust your gut. 

7. Talk about adoption—a lot.  

You'll be amazed who responds! 

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