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VB Hacks

Entrepreneur Sarah Clark's motherhood hacks

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You know that old proverb "Necessity is the mother of invention?" It’s a line mother-of-three Sarah Clark knows all too well. After she had her third child, Booker, she found herself struggling to keep him warm in the baby carrier as she walked her two other kids to school. The dilemma: Her coat wouldn't zip over herself and her son—but her husband's puffer did. That's when lightening struck and her company, B&Me, was born. 

Clark's signature Booker coat, sold on her site and at Anthropologie, is triple-threat outerwear: a regular, pregnancy and baby-carrying coat that amplifies the bundled body heat between mom and her wee one. A convertible garment with a multitude of handy pockets, it's a smart fashion hack, making it easy for busy moms to get out the door quickly. So of course we had to ask, What other brilliant motherhood hacks was Clarke keeping up her sleeve? Here, the New Yorker shares five essentials that get her through her day. 

1. 20-minute morning mediation before the kids get up
2. Make your coffee before you wake them!
3. Have two separate calendars, one for business and one for family—it's very helpful. 
4. Plan your meals the weekend before. 
5. Remember: It's a work in progress. I am still learning as I go! 

Sarah Clark and her family at the beach