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American Red Cross

VB in Action: We ♡ the U.S. Armed Forces I

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When we relaunched our #VBGivesBack program this year, and decided to support a woman and her cause each quarter instead of monthly, it was with one goal in mind: to take you further into our partnerships and engage in a deeper and more meaningful way with the charity. This year, as you've read, we've teamed up with actress Elisabeth Rohm and the American Red Cross, which provides emergency assistance and disaster relief in the U.S. As always, ten dollars from every single online purchase goes straight to the storied nonprofit.

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But we're not stopping there.

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Inspired by Rohm and her on-the-ground volunteerism, Veronica Beard as a company will be pulling up our sleeves and getting in on the action. Next month, in addition to VB HQ spending time with veterans from various VA hospitals in New York, we'll be adopting an all-female troop in the Navy and sending special care packages for Valentine's Day—because even though these service members are separated from family, they should still feel appreciated.

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You can be a part of Operation We ♡ the U.S. Armed Forces by visiting any of the Veronica Beard locations here and donating $10 or $20, starting today through Wednesday, January 22nd. Your contributions will be accompanied by special Valentine's Day cards crafted by the VB retail team.

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So come on in and join us in spreading the love…

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