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Veronica Beard, Spring 2020

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VB Spring 2020

The Soundtrack

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We all know the importance of music and how it can establish the mood for any event. The beats and overall vibe set the tone, and can leave you feeling inspired and moved. For our Spring 2020 presentation, we worked with sound stylist Javier Peral to create an all-female soundtrack that did all this, plus more.

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"The music ties to the VB free-spirited girl—relaxed, fun, casual. She's getting ready to go out," says Peral, who mixed indie electro, Sixties cover songs and some interludes from Valley of The Dolls Soundtrack. "It's a hazy yet upbeat dreamscape. The mood is bright and colorful, pink and iridescent, like girls walking on a dream…"

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Set List

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“Ann At Lawrenceville” – Johnny Williams, Valley of the Dolls (Original Soundtrack)
“The Life” – Electric Youth
“Taste It” – Little Boots
“Time Rider” – Chromatics
“We Look at the Stars” – Lisbon Kid featuring Sarah Cracknell, Valley of the Dolls (Original Soundtrack)
“Rockerdile” – Lynsey De Paul
“the stage” –Shura
“Summer Girl” – Haim
“Blue Girl” – Chromatics
“Girl in the Room” – Cat’s Eye
“One Fine Summer Morning” – Britta Phillips
“Doin’ Time” – Lana Del Rey
“Nobody's Home” – Art D’Ecco
“Now Now” – Electric Youth
“Fallin' in Love” – Britta Phillips

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Photograph by Taylor Jewell