Adoption by the numbers

Facing the high cost of adoption after already footing the bill for five rounds of IVF, Becky Fawcett wondered: “What happens to all the children who need homes if families can't afford to adopt?” She founded to help build more families like hers.

As our quarterly VB Gives Back partnership comes to a close, we wanted to better understand exactly what children and families are facing when it comes to this often cost-prohibitive process. Here, we’ve rounded up a few eye-opening stats about adoption in the U.S.


domestic adoptions in 2019*


international adoptions in 2019*


children and teens in foster care waiting to be adopted in 2021**


average cost of an adoption***


grants has awarded since 2007***


total value of grants since 2007***

From now to the end of March, we will donate a portion of proceeds from every single order to, which helps families in the U.S. overcome the financial obstacles of adoption. Learn more here. #VBGIVESBACK

*National Council for Adoption “Adoption by the Numbers" report

**U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families AFCARS Report

***Statistic provided by