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Our California escape continues… After Venice, we hit up Malibu for our latest spring campaign. Here, our guide to the must-visit spots—including every stop from our shoot.

El Matador State Beach 
The rock formations here are simplicity breathtaking, and that combination of cliff and surf is what makes this beach such a destination. There are wonderful caves to explore, too, but just make to sure to check when it's high tide. 

Neptune’s Net 
A Malibu institution, Neptune’s Net was founded in the Fifties by aerodynamicist Eastman N. Jacobs. You've likely seen this restaurant in screens both silver and small: it's been featured in Point BreakThe Fast and the Furious, Iron Man 3 as well as Gossip Girl and The Hills

Top: El Matador State Beach as seen in our Spring 2019 campaign, left, featuring the Serild jumpsuit and Miller dickey jacket, and in a photograph via Detour LA. Here: Neptune's Net, photograph by Carlfbagge/Flickr .