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A still from the Netflix documentary short, Period. End of Sentence., photograph courtesy of Netflix

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International Women's Day

Benefitting The Pad Project

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On Tuesday, March 8th, we’ll be hosting an event at our Melrose store in support of The Pad Project, a nonprofit dedicated to ending period stigma and ensuring access to period care for all. The organization—which also developed the 2019 Academy Award-winning Netflix doc, Period. End of Sentence.—strives to provide menstrual equity with period-pad access, washable pad programs, and sexual and reproductive health education—around 2.3 billion people lack access to basic sanitation services. A large part of its work is breaking the stigma many women face when it comes to their periods, especially in low-income communities around the world. That’s why we’re so proud to be hosting this event with The Pad Project on International Women’s Day—fittingly, the theme this year is to #BREAKTHEBIAS and forge women’s equality.

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The event will be hosted by Stacey Sher and her daughter Maggie Brown, executive producers of Period. End of Sentence., along with actress Ashley Greene—who co-cofounded the hormonal health brand, Our Hummingway, which allows women to reach whole cycle wellness through education, community and research-backed products. Fun fact: Greene co-founded the brand with her sister-in-law, Olivia Khoury (similar to our story here at Veronica Beard).

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We hope you’ll join us on Tuesday, the 8th, at 8471 Melrose Place. The event will take place from 6:30-8:30 PM, with 10% of all proceeds going towards The Pad Project. #VBGIVESBACK

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