Senior PLM Manager


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The Role:

The PLM Manager will support and develop the pre-production and production teams and their use of our PLM and ERP systems. The focus of the role is ensuring that we align our internal procedures with system functionality to ensure that daily functions are accurately captured in the system. The elimination of duplicate data entry and seamless integration from PLM to ERP system will be the key to developing the software to meet the company’s plans for growth. The role requires a detailed understanding of business processes in various areas including design, raw materials purchases, raw materials demand management, bills of materials, system entered cost sheets as production. Working with users on understanding the reporting aspects of raw material demand management will ensure that we have mechanisms in place to catch problems in time to react. An ideal candidate will be able to speak with stake holders in each respective area to understand departmental needs and develop solutions to improve the existing workflows. This position reports to the Vice President of Operations.



  • Manage and develop company initiatives with PLM REVO and Exenta ERP systems with the software manufacturer including software development, testing and break-fixes.
  • Develop PLM integration points with Exenta ERP and other 3rd party software
  • Document PLM REVO integration points with Exenta ERP
  • Develop training materials with internal teams
  • Reporting on raw materials demand and consumption
  • Manage budgetary needs for system enhancements
  • Review internal process to ensure alignment on process and system functionality
  • Perform system testing plan for ERP system updates on a bi-annual basis for items related to PLM / ERP integration
  • Collaborate with departmental team members to identify inefficiencies and develop solutions through software or business process


  • 3-5 years of experience in a systems, production or operations role using ERP and or PLM
  • 4-year college degree
  • Exenta, PLM REVO experience preferred
  • Strong knowledge of operational functions in the production
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

How to Apply:

Please email with your resume, cover letter, and salary requirements and any other pertinent materials.

Please indicate the position you are applying for in the subject line.