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Breakthrough T1D

Nearly nine million people in the world live with type 1 diabetes (T1D), a chronic condition where the body’s immune system attacks the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. That figure is staggering, but this next stat hits even harder: People with this disease, who lack the insulin to regulate blood-sugar levels, lose 32 healthy years of life on average.

Now here's the good news. If we could promptly diagnose everyone affected by T1D, 668,000 more people could be alive in 2040. And if everyone had access to insulin, test strips, and good self-management tools, millions more would live—that's mothers, fathers, children, siblings, loved ones. With interventions this clear, how can we not take action?

This quarter, let’s do that.

Veronica Beard is proud to partner with Breakthrough T1D, the leading global organization driving towards a cure for T1D and making everyday life better for the people who face it. From now to the end of September, VB Gives Back will donate proceeds* to the nonprofit to elevate awareness and support for T1D research, advocacy and community engagement.

"Type 1 diabetes affects all ages and stages of life. We have witnessed firsthand, through friends and their children, the effects of the disease and we are thrilled to be partnering with this amazing organization," add the Veronicas of their personal connection.

Founded in 1970, the organization formerly known as JDRF has had a hand in every innovation and advancement in this space for the last 50 years. Thanks to Breakthrough T1D, for instance, we know how T1D develops, step by step. The nonprofit helped support the green light for Tzield, the first FDA-approved disease-modifying therapy for T1D, which was named one of Time magazine's Best Inventions of 2023. It advocated for insulin affordability with boots on the ground in Washington D.C. too. "We are focused on the entire T1D continuum, from those who don’t have T1D to those that have had it for decades,” says Dr. Sanjoy Dutta, Breakthrough T1D Chief Scientific Officer, of the organization's 360-degree approach.

We hope you join us in supporting this worthy cause. Check this space in the weeks and months to come. We'll be shining a spotlight on the strength and resilience of women who are at the heart of this community—those living with the condition, caregivers, and the dedicated researchers and advocates working towards a cure.

Why This Matters

• T1D is one of the fastest-growing, noncommunicable, chronic health conditions in the world. There are currently 9 million suffering from this disease—1.45 million in the U.S. alone. Every year, over half a million people are diagnosed.

• A condition that was once considered juvenile diabetes is now known to impact all ages and stages of life. Approximately 50% of new diagnoses are in people ages 20 and older.

• T1D also affects people of all races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Factors such as diet, exercise, and other lifestyle habits don't make a difference. And while genetics can be a factor—if you have an immediate family member with T1D, your chances of developing the condition are 1 in 20—our environment, like viruses, can trigger it too. Around 85% of diagnoses are in people without a family history. In other words, we're all at risk.

• As with most chronic autoimmune disorders, there is no cure—yet. Missing an insulin dose can result in short and long-term complications, including damage to the kidneys, eyes, nerves, and heart, and even death.

How Your Donations Help

• Breakthrough T1D leads the way to more effective solutions by connecting the brightest minds to advance treatments, influence policy, and improve access to care. In addition to helping those diagnosed live healthier lives, the nonprofit is vigorously pursuing a cure with the development of new therapies that can slow, halt, or reverse the course of T1D.

• Breakthrough T1D is the only organization that supports therapy development at every stage, from discovery research all the way through to people with diabetes receiving these therapies—with healthcare coverage paying for them.

• Breakthrough T1D advocates for insulin affordability by working with all relevant stakeholders, insulin manufacturers, health insurance providers, pharmacy benefit managers, and employers. No one should suffer or die because they cannot afford insulin.

• Breakthrough T1D is developing drugs and devices, with improved tech, for glucose control. The goal? Reducing the burden of daily T1D management, which consists of constantly checking blood sugar, administering insulin, and counting carbohydrates.

• Breakthrough T1D also focuses on reducing the mental burden of T1D. Long-term complications are a reality for many, and mental health issues disproportionately affect those with T1D.

*From now to the end of September, VB Gives Back commits to raising $250,000 for Breakthrough T1D through consumer donations, in-store give-back events, and $5 from every online order to elevate awareness and support for Type 1 diabetes research, advocacy and community engagement.