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A Day in the Life

Gallerist Eleanor Acquavella

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If you think a gallerist's life is busy, then imagine what it's like the day of a much-heralded opening. Eleanor Acquavella of New York's famed Acquavella Galleries shares just that in this play-by-play of Day One from her latest show, Lucian Freud: Monumental. Featuring the late artist's large-scale nude paintings and sketches, the exhibit is absolutely mesmerizing; there's no substitute for seeing the sheer physicality of his portraits in person, flesh as thick, beautiful paint—and vice versa. If you're in New York, stop by on May 8th for a special panel discussion with Freud's longtime studio assistant and friend, David Dawson. 

7 AM 
Wake up—my husband got up with the dog and walked her; I didn’t even hear him—and check emails and texts. Lots of thanks and positive feedback from our opening last night, but I am tired.

7:15 AM
Pick out outfit for the day, make post-workout protein shake and get ready to head out the door.

8:15 AM 
Work out at AKT—my absolute favorite way to start the day!

9:30 AM
Home for quick shower and off to work.

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"Another walk through the show with a client—I will never get bored of doing this! "

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10 AM
Arrive at work. The galleries are already full with Freud enthusiasts. It is particularly rewarding that the show is already so well received because it was a challenge to get all the loans. But, in the end, we got everything we wanted and it looks great. 

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11 AM
Meet with the show’s curator to discuss next month’s panel discussion, upcoming press commitments and the feedback he has received so far regarding the show. He has just given a tour through the show to a group downstairs.

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11:45 AM
Quick break to chat with my daughter from boarding school. She doesn’t call that often so I try not to miss her call!

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Phone call to follow up with a client from last night on some business we discussed at our dinner. 

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1 PM
Lunch with a client at our regular spot: Sant Ambroeus.

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2:30 PM 
Walk through the show with a collector and lender. They are blown away and absolutely love the show!

3:15 PM
Back at my desk to do some paperwork, have an herbal tea and discuss our booth design for the Basel art fair in June.

4:30 PM
Another walk through the show with a client—I will never get bored of doing this! Every person that sees the show has something interesting or different in the way they look or see the work.

5 PM 
Quick FaceTime with my son. 

6 PM 
Home. So happy I don’t have any plans and can stay in and relax with my husband! Looking forward to working tomorrow. Saturday is a nice day to work because people are more relaxed and seem to have more time to enjoy the show. This leads to great conversations about the work, the artist and the show!