Anna Kaiser’s Beach Body Workout Move

May 4, 2016

Anna Kaiser knows a thing or two about getting a beach body. The celebrity trainer opened her studio, AKT
, in 2013 and has created a workout system that combines high intensity intervals, flexibility, dance cardio and strength training that promises to transform your body. Here is she breaking down her Tic Toc move, one that works your core along with your arms and shoulders. “It’s a fantastic move to target your entire upper body and develop long, lean muscles that support your spine and improve your posture so that you look and feel your best on the beach,” says Anna.

1. Start with your feet planted slightly wider than hip distance apart and bend your knees.

2. Extend your arms straight overhead holding on to a towel and actively pulling as hard as possible between your hands to active your arms. Make sure your shoulders stay down and you pull your belly button to your spine.

3. Without moving your hips, start to move your torso from side to side, trying to increase your range of motion as you warm up your body. Keep your movements slow and push yourself to reach as far to the side as possible.

Anna recommends starting with 20 reps (moving right to left counts as one rep), resting and repeating two more times. Add weights in place of the towel if you want to increase difficulty and intensity.


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