Back to School: Autumn Kimball

August 23, 2017

We're just going to come right out and say it: Autumn Kimball is our favorite mom on Instagram. The illustrator and mother of five (including a set of quadruplets!) has documented her motherhood journey on the platform in a way that we find so inspiring. We asked her to share with us her approach and how she's handling the back to school season. Plus, shop her favorite fall styles below!

We love the authentic approach you take to documenting motherhood on Instagram, what made you want to share your story this way?

I when I first started my Instagram page I kept my kids off of it, using it more for business and as a creative outlet. But the best part of me is my kids, so naturally they took over. I don't officially promote anything… and I decided a while ago to promote "my" authentic motherhood. I have also had a life that seems like fiction, even to me: fashion designer in NYC gets pregnant with quadruplets, lives an international life of beautiful chaos and endurance (sadly, with several babies lost along the way) and ten years later is blessed with a baby boy at 28 weeks. My baby pictures are in the NICU, with wires and tubes -  if you tried to photoshop my life, you would miss the whole beauty of it. I get more comments about how "strong of women" I am, which I never decided to be or needed credit for but I enjoy trying to live up to that perception.

What do you hope people take away from the stories you are sharing?

That's a hard question for me. I think because I really don't premeditate the message of my life, I believe that I would want to be seen as a woman who didn't accept being told "NO" to me. Whether it was about being successful in NYC, about having a career and having kids (let alone five), or about being able to get pregnant. I believe you CAN'T have it all at the same time…but if you're lucky in life, you will fight for and become what you were meant to become and it won't feel like a sacrifice.

As a mother of five, what are your tips for heading into back to school season?

I'msure my answer isn't everyone's, but for me I believe in letting my kidsbecome individuals. If it's in how they dress or what they are into, itshould be theirs, not mine. I also use the time they are at schoolto play as much as possible. Laundry can wait! Moms should have fun andbe ambitious in their own way. Kids in school should mean some freedom.

Describe motherhood in three words:

Formidable, comedic, and worth it.

The best motherhood advice you’ve ever received:

1. Don't try to be like any other mother, they aren't raising your child.
2. Be outside, feel the sun on your face. It helps you stay mentally sane.
3. Help your child become who they were meant to be.


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