Back to School: Rachel Blumenthal

August 28, 2017

We're here to help you get dressed for back to school season, but Rachel Blumenthal, founder of Rockets of Awesome, is here to help when it comes to getting your kids dressed. Here's how Rockets of Awesome works: take a quiz about your kid's style, get a box of 8-12 exclusive styles, keep what you want (which likely will be everything!) and send back the rest. It's seriously that easy.

Below, she shares all of her life hacks for the back to school season, plus her picks for what to wear!

What are you three tips for making back to school shopping for your kids less stressful?

For back to school, I live by life hacks to eliminate as many decisions and tasks from my to-do list. My favorites are FreshDirect and for recurring deliveries of food and household essentials – I also love the Amazon Dash buttons! Yoobi is great for super fun, colorful school supplies and of course Rockets of Awesome – I literally don’t have to go to a single website and scroll for days because clothes for my kids are delivered to our door personally selected for them.

What basics should you be buying?

For girls, the comfy crew is magical – it literally feels as though you’re wearing heaven and goes with all of our super fun and fashionable leggings.For boys, it’s all about the graphic tees. Our in-house boys designer hand draws most of them, and they are on the softest fabric! The best thing about our collection is that all the pieces mix and match to make endless outfits.

How does Rockets of Awesome make shopping easier?

Rockets of Awesome is the smarter way to shop for kids because we literally do the work for you – delivering completely personalized assortments into your home. The clothes are our own clothing brand and the perfect trifecta of style, quality and value.Upon signing up at, parents complete a style profile, indicating their kids’ preferences from style and color to obsessions and dislikes. The Rockets of Awesome team combines behavioral patterns (what shoppers are buying) with kids’ preferences (based on the profile) to deliver a curated delivery of kids outfits each season. We get smarter every time you shop, learning more and more about what you and your kids love (and don’t!).

Five styles you love most from the Rockets of Awesome collection:

For boys and girls, our Flash Jacket is this season’s update to our iconic silver bomber jacket. For girls, it’s all about the Knit Star Dress, Flip Sequin Rainbow Tee and Silver State Bag collab backpack.Boys are obsessed with our activewear line – the Linear Camo print, the Lightning Hoodie and the Lightweight Performance Jogger – everything is beyond soft, stretchy and most items are reflective too.


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