Chairish at 78 Greene Street

September 19, 2017

This month we are partnering with Chairish, our go-to for cool vintage home decor, to highlight our favorite finds (check them out here) while showcasing some of our favorite artwork from the site in our SoHo store. They’re taking over the space for the rest of the month, so we thought it was the perfect time to get some interior decorating tips from Chairish co-founder Anna Brockway. Check out their pieces at 78 Greene Street and read on for Anna’s words of wisdom!

Buy vintage

Who wants a home that looks like everyone else's? Or worse yet, a catalog? Skip the McLiving Room and opt for vintage. Vintage pieces are a chic way to bring your own unique point of view to life and truly personalize your space. It’s never been easier to discover really great stuff thanks to Chairish.

Try it Before You Buy It

Decorating decisions can feel risky, but now is not the time to be mousey ladies! Chairish offers an app feature called “View In Your Space" so you can virtually preview what a Chairish item looks like in your actual space before you buy. We use augmented reality technology and its pretty wiz-bang. I love it because it takes all the risk out of decorating with vintage.

Go for Big Bangs

If you're looking for a refresh or starting from scratch, I am a big fan of selecting a statement making piece. A huge piece of art, a show stopping chandler, a luxurious rug or a curvalicious sofa can get the party started.

There's no such thing as done!

In the same way that your fashion sensibilities constantly evolve, so should your home.As we at Chairish say, decorating is a lifelong sport. Your style changes over time after all. Chairish is an easy-peasy wayto addone-of-a-kind pieces that are uniquely you, plus when you’re ready to say goodbye to an item, it’s easy to sell with Chairish too.


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