City Guide: Gigi Burris on Cuba

June 14, 2017

When we found out that milliner Gigi Burris would be spending her honeymoon exploring Cuba we immediately asked her to keep track of her favorite spots. From mojitos to salsa dancing, here are the places she fell for on her trip!

Describe Cuba in three words:

Authentic and soulful with patina.

Where to stay:

It is common practice for Cubans to rent out their homes as Casa Particulars. Airbnb makes finding one so much easier.

Coolest neighborhood to explore:

We loved the city of Trinidad and explored the outskirts where we were immersed in people's daily lives. We stumbled across an amazing cigar factory where they are being hand rolled. In Havana, we loved walking around Old City.

Where to Eat:

The street food is delicious and easy to grab on the go when you are wandering the street. The ice cream is so pure and delicious! In Havana, the culinary highlights were the famous La Guarida Restaurant and El Café for breakfast.

Grab a Cocktail:

In Old Town Havana, you must stop in the super hip 304 O'Reilly for tapas and extra-large artisanal mojitos.

Must-See Spots:

The Malecónin Havana: A long and broad walkway alongside the seawall overlooking Havana Harbor. The best time to go is at sunset where the light is peachy and Cuban couples are drinking rum on the sidewalk.

Casa de la Trova in Trinidad:
A music venue specializing in traditional Cuban music, in the same style as the super popular Buena Vista Social Club. We had so much fun trying out salsa dancing at this place!

Fabrica Des Arte in Havana
: A cultural center housed in an old oil manufacturing facility. The place is a hybrid of galleries/film/cocktail/dancing and light tapas. This was a particularly unique nightlife experience.

What to Pack:

It is HOT in Cuba nearly all year round. Breezy tops and cotton dresses are a must.

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