Claiborne Swanson Frank's Mother and Child

May 9, 2018

I am delighted to introduce you to my sister Claiborne Swanson Frank's third and most beautiful book, Mother and Child. This soulful homage is dedicated to the powerful journey of motherhood and Veronica and I were honored to be included. Claiborne’s gift is the ability to see into the heart of those on the other side of her lens. They let her in, and the result is magic.


Mother and Child, published by Assouline, is available now on and at all Veronica Beard stores.



What is your advice to moms-to-be?
Mother from your intuition and your heart. Once you become a mother, your life is no longer your own, your heart belongs to your children and you never see life through the same lens. The beauty and power of motherhood leaves you transformed.

Motherhood is one of the most powerful life experiences a woman can have. The creation of a child is a miracle. The reality that from love we can create a life is one of the great mysteries of life. Once we create this life we are forever responsible for this human being – for their health, happiness, protection. Our jobs as mothers never end; motherhood, unlike childhood, is experience that lasts a lifetime.

What inspired you to create Mother and Child and highlight this special bond? Motherhoodtransformed my world. In many ways, I was a child until I had my ownchildren. My small reality of life and my own needs exploded with thebirth of my first son. I suddenly felt a responsibility and purpose Ihad never known before. With my new insight, I felt inspired to tell amodern story of motherhood, to document and honor this profound humanexperience. My hope was to take portraits of mothers and their childrenthat captured love and joy, to try to stop time in a series of portraits– and show how this experience connects us all.

What do you hope people take away from your book? Atthe end of the day, I am a storyteller. I use my portraits to tellstories of women, life and love. I hope to share this love I havewitnessed and captured. To share those moments of beauty and joy. Toremind all of us of the power of motherhood, and that the greatest giftof all to be loved and to love in return.

Do you have a favorite memory from your shoots for this book? TheBush family shoot will forever remain in my head and in my heart. Itwas such an honor to photograph this iconic American family and tocapture four generations of American women. I took the portrait at theirfamily compound in Maine. I had the feeling it was their sacred land;the place in the world that gave them peace and joy. It was magicaldocumenting that moment and capturing the joy in their eyes.

My motherhood lifehack is… tomother. Be present for your children in their day to day life — if youare in tune with your children, anticipating their wants and needs ismuch easier.



Most rewarding thing about being a mom? Watching my kids make friends and discover the things they love and are passionate about.

Your advice for moms-to-be:Enjoy it. The early years fly by and you only have diapers and chubbyfeet and fingers for a minute. Enjoy each moment. Print your pictures!!

My motherhood lifehack is… Group text so no one falls through the cracks and gets left at school!!



Most rewarding thing about being a mom? Seeing your children giving back.

Your advice for moms-to-be… Endurance. Motherhood is the most selfless act, but don’t forget to care for yourself! It’s just as important to your family’s happiness.

My motherhood lifehack is…when traveling with tweens, for the best behavior on the flight, seat the troublemaker next to a stranger.



On being a part of Mother and ChildWorking with Claiborne was a huge pleasure. She’s a wonderful mom, and an amazingly talented photographer. The way she worked with me and my kids was most pleasant, and I’m sure that this altogether resulted in the beautiful outcome we find in the book. Moreover, I couldn’t be more honored to be part of this book, and being surrounded by so many inspiring beautiful mommies!"

My motherhood lifehack is… stay calm, things will blow over.



On being a part of Mother and ChildIt was the end of the afternoon, the sun was setting, and the field where we shot was so calm and quiet. Claiborne was amazing at connecting with the kids, and there was this really surreal glowing light around everything. She captured that moment in time so truthfully and beautifully. I'm so grateful to have this experience and am so honored to be in this book alongside so many amazing mothers."

My motherhood lifehack is… when my kids get fussy I put them in the bath with copious amounts of bath toys. It's an instant mood-changer for them, and I do something for myself like a face mask. It's a win-win scenario.

Maria Dueñas Jacobs


On being a part of Mother and ChildIt was a pleasure and honor to be part of this gorgeous book. Being a mother to Luna, Isa and Silvi is my biggest accomplishment and I adore how Claiborne's photograph captured such a candid happy moment in our lives.

My motherhood lifehack is…my inexhaustible supply of songs and make-believe games that I come up with on the fly!


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