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Decor Guide

We're Bananas about Banana-Leaf Wallpaper

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The second you step off the elevator to VB HQ, you're greeted by bold and graphic banana-leaf wallpaper. It covers the entire vestibule, a tropical palate cleanser of sorts to wash away the cold steel and urban grind of the bustling city outside. And when we say covered, we mean it—every inch, from floor to ceiling, is blanketed in that playful print. Clearly, we are obsessed. 

We're not the only ones. 

When it comes to interiors, banana-leaf patterns are as iconic as Hicks hexagons and scenic toiles—and a favorite of the restaurant set. Here, we count down our favorite spots to chow down on greats eats, surrounded by a beautiful fantasy jungle—and maybe a peacock or two. 

Above: Fountain Coffee Room at The Beverly Hills Hotel and our Macey sandals, photographed at the Veronica Beard offices against our banana-leaf wallpaper. Here: Leo's Oyster Bar in San Francisco.

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Fountain Coffee Room at The Beverly Hills Hotel — Los Angeles
The print is a signature of the Hollywood hotspot—and has been for decades, dating back to the 1942. The motif's stylish edge owes a lot to this place. Just think of the countless A-listers photographed in its wallpapered rooms, cementing the banana leaf's alluring rep. 

Leo's Oyster Bar — San Francisco
Come for the custom wallpaper, which is inspired by the prints at The Beverly Hills Hotel, but stay for the food—including an incredible raw bar and cocktail menu that throws it back to the glam Fifties. OK, stay for the decor too; Leo's Oyster Bar was nominated for the James Beard Foundation’s Best Restaurant Design award.

The Butler — Sydney, Australia
What's not to love about this Australian oasis? Between the gorgeous wallpaper and the breathtaking views of the city skyline, we're sold. Weather willing, lean into the foliage factor and sit outside on the leafy terrace while sipping on a botanical cocktail. 

Above: Faux flora and fauna at Sydney's The Butler. Here: Santo Domingo's Mesón de Bari.

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Mesón de Bari — Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
While the other spots on this list evoke a cool Caribbean vibe, this restaurant is literally in the Tropics. Pictured here is the newer location on Calle Hostos; the original, in the historic Ciudad Colonial neighborhood, offers more of an Old World feel. 

La Parada — Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town is home to a number of La Parada tapas bars, each with its own unique interiors. The branch on Bree Street, for example, has walls covered in classic movie posters while the one at the V&A Waterfront makes the cut here for its open and airy feel—and the trompe l'oeil palm trees, which, while not quite banana leaves, still capture our tropical-loving hearts. 

Indochine — New York
Like the Beverly Hills Hotel, Indochine is synonymous with the banana-leaf motif. The restaurant's been a longtime magnet for the celebrity set—not to mention New York's art and fashion insiders—which only serves to boost the wallpaper's glamorous currency. Don't take our word for it. Check out the book Indochine: Stories, Shaken and Stirred for an intimate look at his star-studded history. 

Here: A touch of the Caribbean in Cape Town's La Parada. Below: Indochine's lush interiors in downtown Manhattan.

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