Dynamic Duo: Elisa Summers & Heather Washburne

October 23, 2017

Business partners, sisters & friends. These are the women we are inspired by. Meet this month's Dynamic Duo.

When we started talking about opening a store in Dallas, we knew it had to be at Highland Park Village. Where else can you find the best of the best luxury shopping next door to some of the city's best restaurants?

We have been so lucky to have sisters and Highland Park Village co-owners, Heather Washburne and Elisa Summers, by our sides as we moved into our new home. We asked the duo to share what it's like working together and shopping together, check out the interview below! 

What do you love most about working with your sister?

Heather: I get to see her often!
Elisa: We can bounce ideas off of each other about brands and charities we want to support. We both live within walking distance so can always meet up for a quick meeting or lunch easily. We are both dedicated mommies of threechildren each, so we try to stay available for our families first!

Describe the vibe of Highland Park Village in three words:

Heather: Up to date, classic, and a jewel box!
Elisa: Historic, luxurious and unique.

Running a business together is like…

Heather:…Ketchup and mustard, we bring different things to the table.
Elisa:…a special experience where we can bring in our individual ideas to form a bigger picture!

Our store at Highland Park Village.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

Heather: It’s in the Lord’s prayer, one day at a time.

First thing you do in the morning?

Heather: Drink coffee.
Elisa: I wake up and pray, check emails and drink an Americano.

One thing Elisa taught me about style:

To not go around town in my workout clothes.

One thing Heather taught me about style:

She is more conservative in her style and classic, which always looks appropriate. I tend to be more casual and adventurous in my style. We have often both bought the same pieces not knowing it!

Who would play the two of you in a movie?

Heather: Kristin Davis would play Elisa, she is pretty and cute!
Elisa: Jennifer Garner would play Heather!


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