Dynamic Duo: Fete Home's Audrey Margarite and Jennifer Potter

November 8, 2018

Audrey Margarite, left, wearing the Faley dickey jacket and Ines girlfriend jeans, and Jennifer Potter, wearing the Ashburn blazer and Hibiscus flare pant

Fete—what a name for a company. It's fun, festive, celebratory… all the qualities you'd want when throwing, well, a fete. That's why we love Jennifer Potter and Audrey Margarite's new endeavor, Fete Home, a collection of home decor that's bound to elicit a smile or two. With the holiday party season around the corner, we had to know: What were their expert tips on hosting the best bash ever? The friends, who met while working with interior doyenne Bunny Williams, share their secrets, plus the inspiration behind the new company. 

Fete Home is…

A celebration of your home and the end to your search for cool home accessories that won't break the bank!

What was the inspiration?

We love design! We've been professionally immersed in the industry for over a decade but recognize that interior design can be expensive, intimidating and hard to find. We've watched the world of fashion expand and evolve, offering every style at every price point and through every shopping means. We thought the same should be available for home decor. Enter Fete Home!

How did the two of you meet?

It was 2008 and we both landed jobs where we were charged with launching a high-end home line. The housing market had just exploded and so the challenges we faced were plenty. What worked was that we came from polar opposite industries—Audrey, architecture and Jen, financial services—which conjured an immediate respect for what each of us didn't know. That respect has been the foundation of our relationship and guides each decision we make for Fete.

Where does your love of interiors come from?

JP: To be fair, I have a love of "home" and all the emotions that go with it. I grew up excited about people coming home: my older brothers from school, my dad from business trips, everyone converging at Christmas or Thanksgiving. "Home" means everything to me. My mom (not an interior designer) has incredible confidence when it comes to creating an interior and I learned from that. I choose things for my home that I love to be around and that make me feel comfortable and happy.
AM: I’m trained as an architect and will always love a beautiful building, but it’s the interiors that really make my heart beat.Decorating your home offers the opportunity to really express your personality—to tell a story through the unique objects you collect and add depth through the colors and patterns you mix. I love to walk into a home and be wowed by the narrative of the interior! I’m constantly thinking about how to continue that story in my own home. To many people, decorating comes naturally; to most, it does not. We started Fete Home to make it easy to find the items that add interest to your home.

What are some quick tips to transform your home for the holidays?

Mercury glass and candles! Dim the lights, add a little sparkle and light candles.

And when it comes to flowers?

Make it simple and easy for yourself. A few sprigs of berries, a couple branches of magnolia leaves or even a bowl of bright red pomegranates is festive and natural. If that’s intimidating to you, try groupings of flowers all in one color. Or use our brass tulips on the table—no vase or water needed!

And scents?

Just like music, it is so personal. Our best advice is to light a scent that

you like and that makes you comfortable.

What are your top tips when it comes to preparing for a holiday party?

Make it easy on yourself. If you're stressed, no one at your party will feel relaxed. Don't go overboard in the kitchen; play music that makes you happy and finish the work before people arrive. The best parties revolve around stories and conversation, not slaving in the kitchen.

Could you share your favorite holiday memories and traditions?

AM: My family has a wonderfully easy but delicious recipe for chocolate-chunk bundt cake that we make at every holiday. Even today, just the smell of it baking in the oven gets me as excited as a little girl.
JP: My dad always made the most amazing scrambled eggs in a double boiler on Christmas morning. I remember looking forward to them all year. I've begun doing the same for my kids and they love them. The best traditions are special takes on simple things.


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