Dynamic Duo: tenoverten

February 21, 2017

Business partners, mothers & friends. These are the women we are inspired by. Meet this month's Dynamic Duo.

When we are in need of a little beauty TLC, we head straight to tenoverten. Founded by Nadine Abramcyk and Adair Ilyinsky in 2010, tenoverten is all about rethinking the nail salon experience. Today, the duo has six locations (NYC, Austin and LA) that feel more like cool apartments than your typical salon – once you walk inside, you won’t want to leave. Plus, they created a collection of polishes and nail care products that actually make your nails healthier – which is why we were so excited to partner with them for our Fall 2017 presentation. We caught up with Nadine and Adair at their Fulton Street location to talk style, business and of course, nails.

How did you meet?

Nadine and Adair:
We met through mutual friends almost a decade ago. We instantly hit it off and were friends for years before starting tenoverten.

What inspired you to start your own business?

We were inspired to start tenoverten because we would often meet to have our nails done after work and the experience always left us wanting more. We would talk about all of the little things we could improve upon and decided to take the leap of faith.

Adair: We were really just frustrated customers who were looking for a more inspiring nail salon experience.

What sets tenoverten apart from other nail salons?

Our brand ethos is all about creating a safer space for people to have their nails done. We aim to excel with sanitizing of tools, customer service, cleaner air and cleaner products used throughout our services all within a space that doesn't look like your typical nail salon.

Adair: Hygiene is our top priority and offering a safer manicure experience for both our customers and our employees. Aside from impeccable customer service, a lot of fun things too — an incredible nail polish selection, lots of amazing natural beauty products for retail and hard to find indie and international magazines to flip through.

Describe tenoverten in three words:

Non-toxic Nail Experience

Adair: Welcoming, thoughtful and non-toxic.

Running a business together is like:

Raising a whole brood of children.

Being married. We’re each others other spouse!

Best advice you’ve ever received:

Nadine: Stay present.

Adair: Only do what you can do. (I’m still working on that.)

One thing Adair taught me about style:

Nadine: Adair taught me that less is more. She has a minimal approach to style that is so elegant.

One thing Nadine taught me about style:

Adair: Nadine is incredibly chic so just being in her orbit is a lesson in style. BUT, more specifically, that fit and proportion are just as important as the specific pieces. Always look at the shoulders to make sure a top/dress is the correct size.

Tenoverten color you can’t live without:

Our LA red color.

Adair:  Carmine in the winter and Ludlow in the summer. I like my nail polish like I like my lipstick…red!

#1 tip for making a manicure last:

Properly prep the nail by wiping down the entire nail bed with non acetone remover and removing any residual oils before applying the polish. If there are any oils on the nail it will cause peeling.

Adair: Make sure the nail bed is thoroughly cleaned of all oils before applying nail polish.

Who would play the two of you in a movie?

Nadine and Adair:
Gina Davis and Susan Sarandon so that we could channel that wild Thelma & Louise energy.


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