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Fall 2020 — 10 Years

Backstage Beauty

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Romy Soleimani for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

"The look is inspired by the sporty 90s mixed with a little bit of the 70s. We played off the collection itself so it’s very much the Veronica Beard woman. A bit glamorous, a bit sporty, it’s all about celebrating the iconic all-American girl."

The Prep
Start with Bobbi Brown’s cleansing balm, gently washing away with water, then plump the skin with our vitamin-enriched face base. Apply lip balm on the lips.

The Skin
Use our tinted moisturizer to really tint and sculpt the face, as opposed to putting it all over. It’s a lot of thin layers—highlighter on the cheek, tinted moisturizer on top. This creates an all-over bronze glow.

The Cheeks
Accentuate the cheekbones with our highlighting bronzer. You want very sheer layers so it looks like part of your skin. Then, using an angled brush, buff in our pot rouge blush in powder pink. To buff, you apply the product onto the brush, tap the excess off, and then create circular motions into the skin, really working—or buffing—it in, creating a nice beautiful glow without it being too strong.

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Line your lips with our chocolate lip pencil, blending in to get rid of any hard lines. Then, gently tap on the chocolate lipstick with your finger—this creates the effect that it’s already been worn, and not freshly applied.

Apply our nude glow highlighting powder all over the eye, including the brow bone, followed by our gilded honey eye shadow, just at the center part of the lid. After this, with a liner brush, add a very light wing in the top outer corner of the eye using our velvet dust eye shadow. Keep it light and delicate to create more of a shadow than a defined line. Last step: apply no-smudge mascara on both the top and bottom lashes—one coat each.

Create a full but soft brow with our perfectly defined brow pencil. Nothing too bold or intense. Then apply a light tint on the brow— sweeping up—and finish with our brow gel to hold everything in place.

Ultimate Makeup Hack
Use skincare as part of makeup! For example, if you are highlighting, use an eye cream or mist on top of the highlighter to press the product in. You want to play with the two elements back and forth.

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Peter Gray for Cutler/Redken at Home Agency

The Look
"A really soft, early 70s wave, with a lived-in look—glamorous, loose and easy. Every model is approached as an individual so we kept the girls’ natural textures. It's more realistic these days versus everyone looking exactly the same."

For Long Hair
Start with moussing each section, first using Cutler protect spray at the roots and then a little of Redken 07 all-over volumizing mousse at the roots. Comb that through and blast the hair upside down for maximum volume. This creates a soft, bouncy volume. If you need, use a curling iron to create a soft wave and bend. Lastly, use Redken’s windblown spray and dry shampoo to give your hair that lived-in look.

For Curly Hair
Use a diffuser to enhance your natural curls. Damp down your hair thoroughly, then add Cutler protect spray and Redken’s spiral lock gel and curl cream. Mix that all into the hair, and then use the diffuser to dry. When you’re drying curly hair, try not to touch it. Hang your hair to the side or upside down for maximum volume, and use gravity to give you the look.

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For Short Hair
The best tip is to get a great haircut and do as little as possible to it. A great haircut should make your life easy; it shouldn’t add work to your life. With bobs, blow dry it very flat to the head, with not too much volume, so that it’s soft and swings with every move.

Ultimate Hair Hack
Dry shampoo! I’m not too precious about how often you shampoo your hair. Dry shampoos fluffs up the hair and gives it that relaxed look—and smell fantastic. As you walk through life, you want your hair to MOVE!

Styling Dos & Don’ts
Do your own thing. Don’t follow trends. There’s so much information out there, but do what your hair does best. And don’t be scared to experiment—try different products, try different haircuts, try different stylists.

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Rita Remark for essie

"The inspiration was the woman who has it all and, when I think of that, I think of someone who has a classic manicure—polished and perfect. But we added a contemporary twist and created a color-blocked look with colors lifted directly from the collection."

The Shape
Polish your nails and stick to your most natural shape. Right now, that's tending to be a softer square shape.

The Prep
Pay special attention to the cuticle, especially around this time of year, as they tend to be very dry and chapped and this can really take away from the nail artistry. Apply with apricot cuticle oil to your cuticles—it not only makes sure everything is hydrated but also hides a multitude of nail sins, letting the manicure shine bright.

The Steps
Apply one coat of essie’s Here to Stay base coat, then one coat of Bed Rock and Roll, which is a really beautiful rust color. The straight-lined “moon” is painted in Cliffhanger, which is a camel nude. Then finish with a high-gloss top coat and essie’s speed setter.

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