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Ali Larter, Actress & Founder of Forever Gold Wines

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Holiday Hosting 101

Q&A with Actress Ali Larter, featuring VB x Juliska

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On Wednesday night, we invited our favorite tastemakers to our Madison Avenue store to celebrate Veronica Beard x Juliska and to toast our friend and co-host Ali Larter on her latest venture...

The actress—who counts iconic films Legally Blonde and Varsity Blues in her IMDB credits—is adding entrepreneur to her multihypenate title. 

She’s just launched Forever Gold, a wine collection she’s developed. It’s a natural extension for the foodie, who released “Kitchen Revelry” a bestselling cookbook and entertaining guide a few years ago. 

“Cooking has always been the cornerstore of my life,” she told us at Wednesday’s event. “And so Forever Gold has been a true passion project for me.” 

We talk Larter about her side-hustle-turned-passion-project and get the wine enthusiast’s hostessing tips, just in time for Thanksgiving...

Ali Larter (center) with Veronica Swanson Beard (left) and Veronica Miele Beard (right) at VB Madison

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What drew you to wine?
Cooking has always been the cornerstone of my life. Growing up in New Jersey, my grandfather would regularly come home with bushels of sweet corn, tender zucchini, and ripe tomatoes. We would all gather around in the kitchen to cook and catch up. So I have always found my connection with people over delicious food and wine! When I was 18 and living in Italy, I fell in love with wine.

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What was the inspiration behind Forever Gold?
It’s a true passion project for me. The wine, the name, the label… I wanted to create something timeless and chic. My hope is that Forever Gold inspires moments of connection with friends and family. Life is always busy, and I hope that it inspires people to slow down and to savor the moment. Even if it’s a Tuesday at 5 o’clock!

VB x Juliska tablesetting by designer Marcie Pantzer, with Ali Larter's Forever Gold Wines

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The holiday season is upon us. Do you have a Thanksgiving specialty dish?
My rustic sausage stuffing is my go-to dish! I also love having a butternut squash soup simmering on the stove as people arrive.

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When it comes to setting you table for Thanksgiving, what is your approach?
I love a classic look but with an effortless feel—beautiful China with a knotted napkin and fresh herbs in mini vases. For Christmas, I go a bit kitsch, setting the table with Santas I have collected from my travels.

Ali Larter with co-host Marcie Pantzer, designer of the VB x Juliska tablescape & founder of Dear Annabelle

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What are your top 3 hacks for holiday hosting?

1. Plan ahead and create a specific timeline. The challenge with Thanksgiving is the amount of dishes. You have to balance prep, oven space, and timing it all to be ready at the same time. I’m a bit of a stickler about food being hot when I serve it!

VB x Juliska tablescape (perfect for Holiday entertaining!)

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2. If you are serving red and white, but only have enough table space to use one wine glass, use the one that is most bulbous. Both wines will work this way. I love to start the evening with my Chardonnay and a gruyère fondue. I use my wine in the recipe. It’s a sexy start to any dinner party.

3. If you’re hosting a very large group, don’t underestimate the bathtub as a great place to chill your wine! I even like when the red has a touch of chill to it. I like to have bottles of red and sparkling water open on the table when people are seated. For ordering the wine, I assume 2 to 4 glasses per person.

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