I Want It All: Elle Macpherson's Gift Guide

December 6, 2016

Supermodel, mother, role model and friend. I'm so excited to have my dear friend Elle Macpherson share her holiday gift guide with you!

Favorite Holiday Tradition:

Decorating the Christmas tree is my favorite holiday tradition! I love to do it with the kids and we have collected ornaments from around the world since they were little. Some are fun like a kangaroo on skis or a sparkly yellow taxi cab from NYC.

#1 Holiday Wellness Tip:

I follow an alkaline diet and am religious about taking my daily multi-vitamin and mineral green powder, The Super Elixir from Welleco. Since taking it I have less inflammation, better digestion, energy and glowing skin. I also lost weight in stubborn areas around my waist. Some people say it's great for a hangover and I've noticed it helps with jet lag. With 45 ingredients, including pro and pre-biotics, it helps all 11 systems of the body. I often replace one meal a day with my Nourishing Protein powder shake with almond milk and a banana to combat indulging in Christmas celebrations. And water, water, water! I drink 3 liters a day and try to do an hour of outside activity to clear my head and exercise my body.

What you are giving…

Your Kids:

I still do a Christmas stocking at the end of their bed Christmas Eve filled with fun things and practical things.

Your BFF:

I have a shoe fetish so maybe something fun from Miu Miu.

Your Husband:

It's a surprise!

How Do You Relax Post-Holiday?

My holiday is relaxation. Fun and loving and with family — can't get much better for me.

Your Party Uniform:

Something sparkly!

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