I Want It All: Kerrie M. Burke's Gift Guide

December 9, 2016

Boston-based (and Ireland born) blogger Kerrie Mitchell Burke has the cool, classic and chic thing down—especially when it comes to the holidays. We asked her to spill what she’s buying the important people in her life, what’s in her holiday survival kit and of course, what is on the top of her wish list. Check out her guide below!

Favorite Holiday Tradition:

Every Christmas Eve we curl up in front of a roaring open fire to read “Twas The Night Before Christmas” with the entire family. It’s a cheese-fest and I love it!

What you are giving….

Your Husband:

Ever since our apartment started looking like a contender for a two-hour Hoarders special Ted and I have made an effort to gift experiences instead of things. This year I’m planning a post-Christmas holiday during which I don’t work – or force him to take 1,000+ photos of me!

Your Family in Ireland:

And this is where lists come in really handy! So far this year I’ve bought everything from pro running gear to gourmet lollipops from my favorite Irish gem, Avoca.

Your BFF:

All the things her boyfriend would never buy her A.K.A flannel pjs and wooly socks. I’m also including a sneaky little surprise because my girl’s officially been putting up with me for more than 25 years – which doesn’t make me feel old at all!

Go-To Holiday Beauty Look:

There’s nothing I love more than asubtle shimmery gold eye with a classic red lip (Mac’s Ruby Woo is alongtime favorite) and Veronica Lake inspired waves.

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Three Things in Your Holiday Season Survival Kit:

My favorite red lipstick, dry shampoo, a fabulous jacket like this one from Veronica Beard(I like to keep these guys on hand in case of emergency – or impromptuholiday drinks!) and if I could squeeze in a fourth, some Advil!

Holiday Guilty Pleasure:

Watching movies like Home Alone while eating all the Cadbury’s from back home.

On My Wish List

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