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Deepika Chopra, Optimism Doctor

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We've all been there—days that never seem to end, negative feelings, or just dealing with a general "blue" perspective. But guess what, Dr. Deepika Chopra, the optimism doctor, has now entered the chat. Deepika is a wife and mother and holds a doctorate in clinical health psychology. But her non-linear path took on her onto the journey of prescribing optimism, finding that healing others through positivity could be just as powerful as medicine. Read on for her greatest challenges and how she overcame them, why she's no longer subscribing to the idea of "balance," and the best advice she's received.

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My Hustle

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My hustle…
I am an Optimism Doctor®, the founder of Things Are Looking Up, a science-based brand surrounding optimism and resiliency, and the host of the Looking Up podcast.

What got me started...
My path has certainly not been linear but in retrospect, it all makes perfect sense. From a punk label to investment banking to public health to a doctorate in clinical health psychology... I have always been deeply interested in humans, storytelling, emotions, and resiliency, and now I get to do all of that all day long!

What clears my head…
Definitely moving to music and being outdoors.

When in doubt, I…
Hug my children or husband.

Greatest challenge—and how I overcame it…
I would have said my pregnancy and the complications, but honestly, I think my greatest and most recent challenge has been this past year-plus. Being an entrepreneur, consultant, host, and mother during the pandemic, wearing so many hats constantly and somewhat feeling like I am constantly trying to catch up or survive, all while being deeply worried for my children who are young and obviously unvaccinated... I definitely haven't overcome it, but I am working on boundaries and self-compassion every day and literally chucking out the concept of balance because that word/notion just seems counterproductive and a source of confusion and shame.

Dr. Deepika Chopra in the Delray dress and Dacey clog; photographed by Cassie Robinson

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How I Make It Happen

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3 morning musts…
Short snuggles, hot water with lemon, and a pull from my Things Are Looking Up deck of 52 cards (52 optimism card prompts and 1 directions card)

3 life hacks…
Daily impromptu solo dance parties, reminding myself it’s more than okay to ask for help, and when I feel joy, I intentionally make myself stay in the feeling for a few more minutes longer

3 secret work weapons...
Walking outdoors while taking phone meetings, taking a short few-minute breaks every 90 minutes to catch up with someone weekly who inspires me, or exposing myself to something that inspires me

Personal talisman…
Well, it’s not really an object, but the tattoo I got on the inside of my left wrist 12 years ago is the last line of a very important and significant Sanskrit mantra my older sister taught me when we were kids. It starts with “Dhiyo” (pronounced Dee-oh), which translates to the ultimate and greatest possession—intellect or wisdom. And it's also the name of my youngest son, who is 9 months old!

Best advice received…
All things are temporary.

Dr. Deepika Chopra, in the Delray dress and Dacey clog, with her son; photographed by Cassie Robinson

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My Recharge

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What I'm reading/listening to/binging…
I am currently watching White Lotus, the 100 Ft Wave, listening to the true-crime podcast, To Live and Die in LA, and I am always listening to the epic playlists my husband curates for us at home. :)

Beauty/self-care must-haves…
A really great facial spray—it is my ultimate favorite type of “beauty” product and it’s part of my and my older son’s morning ritual. We call it the “wake-up spray.” I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but when I do I would say my must-have is blush! I love blush and I love the act of putting it on—you literally have to smile to put it on, and that’s amazing! In terms of self-care must haves... a massage, or the new mini Theragun I got, my Things Are Looking Up optimism cards, and the 3 minutes I steal at various times throughout the day to just breathe.

Favorite thing to do…

Lay in bed, ha... I know that sounds lazy, but it’s the truth, there is just nothing better!

Favorite thing to make…
A ceremonial cup of tea. I am not a coffee drinker, never really have had a proper cup of coffee, but I love the actual ritual of brewing a cup of tea. I am a self-proclaimed tea connoisseur. I am really serious about it. :)

One mover and shaker I admire…
I have had the honor of interviewing so many amazing people I admire for the Looking Up Podcast, like, Former Laker, Metta World Peace, and his mental health journey, Dr. Edith Eger who is one of the oldest living Holocaust survivors and a psychologist, and actress Jamie Lynn Sigler, who so bravely and transparently shares her experience living with MS.

Dr. Deepika Chopra in the Isabel top and Debbie jean; photographed by Cassie Robinson

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