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Jessica Wang, Influencer

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“[Feel] the fear, and do it anyway.”

That’s influencer Jessica Wang talking, our latest #MAKEITHAPPEN woman. Like the Veronicas, she took a risk to chase after her passions, pivoting her career from finance to fashion, from investment banking at Morgan Stanley to a being one of today's top style influencers.

The China-born, New York-based wife and mother of two started her blog NotJessFashion in 2014, and has since turned it into a full-time career—complete with 5.2 million followers on TikTok and 1.7 million on Instagram—and even enlisted her husband, Daniel (also finance expat) to work full-time in the business. Crediting her strong sense of self, supportive network, and fearless attitude, Wang shares her path to success with us here.

Jessica Wang in the Miller dickey jacket, Slate dickey, Taylor wide-leg jeans and Analita sandals; all photographs by Natalie Chitwood

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What are the driving passions that set you on your path?
It was really just the desire to be freefree to do anything that I enjoy on my own time and from anywhere in the worldwhile also having more time with my family.

What was your biggest fear in taking the jump from finance to fashion—and tips for those looking to do a career pivot?
The biggest fear was whether or not this would be a sustainable, long-term career. My best advice for those looking to do the same is to not overthink it, make sure you have enough savings to cover yourself for at least 6 months (longer is better), and just go for it!

What does #MAKEITHAPPEN mean to you?
#MAKEITHAPPEN means feeling the fear and doing it anyway!

And who or what inspires you to do so?
My girls, Hazel and Capri.

Top essential work/life hacks to #MAKEITHAPPEN?
Set alarms/alerts on your calendar for everything (including meetings), batch your work into small intervals for maximum productivity, and delegate as much as possible.

And the 3 must-haves?
A strong sense of yourself, a strong support network, and a fearless attitude.

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Wang holding the Kamilla reversible jacket—with husband Daniel as photographer.

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Top 3 fashion hacks?
1. Mastering proportions is key to looking taller and leaner. Tuck an oversized top into slim pants and pointed toe boots to create the illusion of height.
2. If you want to elongate your legs, reach for a cropped jacket.
3. Use iron-on hem tape on trousers or denim you'll wear with different heel heights—it works like a charm!

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And wardrobe MVPs?
High-waisted trousers, a sharp blazer, and a killer pair of shoes.

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Share one example of how you made it happen through adversity…
There’s a common misconception that I came from an affluent family or already had connections in the fashion industry. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I came to NYC alone without a single contact fresh out of college. I went from being a small girl in a big city with a little blog to an established influencer with a reach of more than a million. I’ve bootstrapped myself through the industry, learning the ropes of how to build a personal brand, building relationships with industry tastemakers, and forging partnerships with brands that I’ve long admired. It hasn’t been easy but it’s been worth it!

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Name one thing, or person, that changed your life and POV.
Atomic Habits has been a game-changer. Read the book and it’ll teach you how to make small changes that produce amazing results. It’s truly one of the most actionable self-help books I’ve ever read.

Advice to others to #MAKEITHAPPEN?
It sounds cliché, but as long as you work hard, stay humble, and stay focused, you can succeed in anything. You just have to believe it.

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Wang, wearing the Kamilla dickey jacket, Tazi tee and Blake jeans, with her husband, Daniel

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