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Brett Heyman in the Yola sequin cable-knit pullover

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Master Class

Edie Parker's Brett Heyman on At-Home Entertaining

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While holiday celebrations are looking different this year, you can still party like it's 1999—if you know the right way to do it. So we turned to Edie Parker founder Brett Heyman for her recs on having a truly fun at-home gathering. Why Heyman? Because her collection—named after her daughter and available to shop at our Ultimate Gift Guide—has all the necessary building blocks for a stylish night to remember, from glam coasters and serving trays to games—think gorgeous hand-poured acrylic checkers sets—to chic puff-puff-pass essentials (fruit-shaped pipes, floral rolling papers, bud vases and retro lighters). Hey, there's a reason her tagline is "let the good times roll."

Edie Parker's minaudières and serving trays at the in-store VB Holiday Bazaar

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The List

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1. Fun guests are really the key. Or at least guests who have potential to be fun if given the right tools. From there you can't go wrong with…
2. Very cold vodka
3. A very large cheese plate
4. Childcare

1. Celebrity is my favorite game, particularly if your group has disparate interests. My favorite round-up included Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch and NeNe Leakes.
2. Rummikub
3. Edie Parker's Four in a Row set

Parker Posey in the 1995 film, Party Girl

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1. Clue, because I love a campy classic.
2. Party Girl with Parker Posey for some '90s nostalgia.
3. Caligula, because more is more. :)

Must-Follow (for Party Inspo)
1. @thatcheeseplate
2. @socialstudiesparty
3. @fionaleahydesign
4. And @joancollinsdbe for mood

Holiday brunch inspo from @socialstudiesparty

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Brett's Must-Give Gifts

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