New Year's Resolution: Organize Your Closet

January 7, 2016

If there is one resolution we can always get behind, it's giving our closets some TLC. We asked Clos-ette founder and CEO Melanie Charlton to help us get organized in 2017. She's designed dozens of custom closets and knows how to whip your closet (and wardrobe) into shape. Here are her best tips!

Always do an edit

Find that best friend, organizer or stylist get him or her into your closet and cull it. Pack rats are not in for 2017. Edited wardrobes simplify your life!

Optimize Your Space

Get a professional to help design and plan an organized closet for you. Do an inventory analysis and use the information to plan the space and then add a custom closet to your list of 2017 must-haves. My company Clos-ette is the best in the biz, but if you need a more accessible, affordable and faster solution The Container Store now has a system called TCS, which is a good bang for your buck!


Use simple solutions to help make room for the shoe horse in you! Line your shoes up heel to toe in pairs rather than side by side and you will see more shoes in the front row. This is a helpful trick for seeing more of your stored shoes when there is deep space on shelves.

Use hardware

From hooks for scarves to shoe rails, there are so many hardware solutions for organizing and storing your stuff. Start with our Clos-ette by Nanz hardware line and then look for similar solutions at your local home improvement store.


Use vacuum seal bags to store your summer clothes when you don't have closet space. Vacuuming all the air out of them will reduce their storage space and allow you to throw them under your bead. Ziploc makes great storage bags for your out of season clothes!

Melanie Charlton, CEO and Founder of Clos-ette

Plan Your Drawers

Drawers are amazing but when not planned carefully (too long or deep) they can become an instant black hole. Start planning your drawers with custom inserts. We make them at Clos-ette for clients based on all their drawer needs, from sunglasses and jewelry to lingerie and tanks. We even create tech and valet drawers with cuff link and watch storage for men. A less custom and more modestly price way of doing what we do? Go to The Container Store and buy the pre-sized, pre-made and pre-divided acrylic organizers. They won't be custom, but they'll be a lot better than leaving those drawers bare and filled with no dividers!

Invest in the Tools

Whatever it needs and whatever it takes to keep your wardrobe in shape, splurge and get it! Matching hangers, folding boards for sweaters, steamers, shoe bags, and Ziploc bags for travel. These are the tools that speed up the process of getting and staying organized!

Always hire a professional!

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."
– Red Adair



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