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Rali Couture's Rali Manolov

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Style & Purpose with Rali Couture's Rali Manolov

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We heart supporting female founders—and we heart supporting their causes too. As part of our Fall II trunk show series, we're spotlighting jewelry designer Rali Manolov of Rali Couture—now until November 7, you can shop her collection at our stores in Pacific Palisades and San Francisco—and we're donating a portion of proceeds at her events to her charity of choice, the Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation. The organization is a personal one—her daughter Rhea was diagnosed with the genetic disorder at a young age. Learn more in our conversation with Manolov below.

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What inspired Rali Couture?
Rali Couture exists to help women discover the transformational power that fine jewelry holds.

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Why jewelry?
Jewelry, just like all true luxuries, holds the power to elevate our entire experience, from the outside in.

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What's the best part about owning your own business?
Having full creative license as a designer, I don’t need sign-off on concepts or approval on my designs. This allows me to truly create from the heart. My new collections are all based on the human experience and the aspirations that all women share.

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And the challenges?
The biggest challenge about being an entrepreneur is that at the end of the day, I, alone, am accountable to the decisions I make in my business and for the brand.

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Could you tell us about your involvement with CdLS Foundation and the personal story there?
The Cornelia De Lange Foundation is dear to my heart since my child was born with this rare syndrome. Parenting a child with Cornelia De Lange Syndrome opens you in ways that only those affected can truly understand. Knowing there is a loving community who understands my experience is one of the most valuable gifts in my life.

While I wouldn’t have wished for my child to be born with CDLS, I wouldn’t change a single thing about her. The qualities that make her unique are gifts in my family’s life. Full of love and delight, she is truly the brilliant jewel of our family. Just like a diamond, the characteristics that many people might assess as flaws are what make her uniquely beautiful, radiant, and full of light!

My goal is simply to raise awareness! So many kids living with this rare syndrome are moving through life undiagnosed and because of this, their families are experiencing needless confusion and misunderstanding.

Rali Manolov's daughter, Rhea

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