Take a Shot!

February 24, 2016

The secret to fighting a cold? Turmeric. Our casting director, Julia Samersova Garfinkel, mixed up this recipe for us during fashion week and we've been keeping it on hand ever since. This powerful root is known to help fight infection, so if you're feeling under the weather, grab your blender and take a shot!

VB Squad Survival Shot

– 1 Large Piece of Organic Raw Ginger, peeled
– 1 Large Piece of Organic Raw Turmeric, peeled
– 1 to 2 Organic Lemons, washed with skin on
– 3 to 5 Chunks of Fresh Pineapple
– 4 to 6 Cups Boiled Water
– 1 to 2 Drops of Oil of Oregano

– Cayenne Pepper, Manuka Honey, & Cinnamon, to taste
Add all ingredients to a Vitamix or any other strong blender. Blend until liquefied.
Enjoy hot or cold!

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