Taryn Toomey's Daily Workout Move

April 18, 2016

We asked the fitness gurus in our lives to share their top workout moves to get you ready for the summer.

Taryn Toomey combined her experience as a yoga teacher and studies with shamans in Peru to start The Class, a 75 minute total mind-body workout class in New York City and Los Angeles.If you are looking for a move that works the whole body, this is it.

All photos by Jay Sullivan

Taryn Toomey's Burpee with a Tuck Jump

Taryn's Burpee with Tuck Jump targets the muscles in your chest, shoulders, back, abs and quads while also elevating your heart rate.
It’s a challenging move made a little bit easier by doing it to music. Taryn recommends picking a fiery song with a slow, steady beat that last 3-4 minutes and repeating the move for the duration of the song.


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