The End of Summer Sunscreen Guide

August 2, 2016

We've been spending a lot of time at the beach this summer and while we love soaking up the sun, we're still slathering on that sunscreen. We asked Dr. Jennifer MacGregor at Union Square Laser Dermatology for her best sun protection tips. Here's everything you need to know plus some of our SPF and beach essentials!

How often should you be reapplying sunscreen when at the beach?

Reapply sunscreen a minimum of every two hours, more often if you are outside, perspiring or swimming.  

What do we need to know about sunscreen and kids?

Babies and kids over six months of age should be covered with sun protective clothing where possible. Any exposed areas should be treated with a mineral (zinc/titanium) broad-spectrum sun screen of SPF 30 or higher. No sunscreen is 100% effective, so a small amount of UV radiation will still be able to penetrate. Sun protective clothing, hats, and seeking shade during peak hours are still the best strategies.

What is the different between chemical and mineral sunscreen?

Chemical filters must penetrate into the skin and they absorb the radiation to prevent sun damage. Mineral sunscreens have particles that sit on the skin surface and physically prevent the radiation from penetrating the skin.

What step in your everyday beauty routine should sunscreen be?

Apply sunscreen after antioxidants or prescription medications. If you also use makeup, layer on top of a good layer of sunscreen.

What SPF is ideal for every day, going to and from work?

Broad Spectrum SPF 30 or higher.

Where do people always forget to apply sunscreen?

Don't forget your hairline and part! These are common sites for sun damage and skin cancers. Wear a hat whenever possible. Remember clouds and windows still allow for penetration of UVA radiation into the skin causing premature aging and skin cancer.


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