The Laundress' Guide to Denim Care

July 17, 2017

It’s important to give your new jeans some proper TLC to ensure they don’t fade, shrink, or lose their shape. We asked our friends Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd, the co-founders of The Laundress, an eco-friendly laundry and home cleaning company, to share their best denim care tips.

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"The mistake we hear most often is not washing jeans at all or having them dry cleaned. The toxic chemicals used during the dry cleaning process can deteriorate fibers over time," say Gwen and Lindsey. "Denim is a very durable fabric and washes well." It's not the wash cycle that impacts the color of your denim, it turns out, most of the fading happens in the dryer.

According to the duo, dark denim will fade faster if washed more frequently. It's less of an issue with white denim or light washes which inherently need to be washed more frequently.



Wash dark denim alone and in cold water to prevent dye transfer. Wash your white denim in hot water to keep it bright. Always wash your denim inside out. If you need a new detergent, try The Laundress’ eco-friendly Denim Wash.


Avoid the dryer to prevent shrinking and fading. Instead, let your jeans air dry outside when the weather is warm.


You don’t need to wash your jeans after every wear. Pick up a freshening spray, like The Laundress Fabric Fresh, and use between washes. "This allergen-free fabric spray works to add a clean laundry scent, freshen clothing and remove odor and daily elements in between washing and wearing." says Gwen and Lindsey.


If you’re taking your denim to the tailor, launder them first using hot water and a hot dryer cycle to avoid any shrinkage after alterations.


Always pre-treat stains before you wash. "If you are like us we live in white denim during the summer, definitely keep our Bleach Alternative
on hand to keep your whites looking new all summer long," say the founders.
Check out The Laundress' Blog for more care tips!

PS: Always check our individual product listings for specific care instructions!


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