The Sill's Guide to Plants

April 13, 2018

Still working on that green thumb? Let The Sill help you out. We asked Eliza Blank, the founder and CEO of our favorite plant destination for all of the tips and tricks you need to fill your home with ferns, succulents and more.

When it comes to keeping a plant alive and thriving, what is the most common mistake people make?

Picking a plant based off their aesthetic, as opposed to picking a plant based off their environment. For example, I’ve been lusting after a heart leaf fern (Hemionitus arifolia) forever. It’s my dream houseplant. But I know this humidity-loving houseplant wouldn’t stand a chance in my dry NYC apartment, so I’ve filled it with succulents instead.

What plants do you recommend for beginners?

A philodendron or pothos plant! Both are hardy trailing plants, which means you’ll see the fruits of your labor – new growth – more quickly than some other common houseplants.

And what plants require a little bit more care but are worth the effort?

Air plants (Tillandsia) – they thrive in humid environments, so you’ll be spraying them and soaking them, but because they can grow without soil, you can put them practically anywhere that they’ll receive bright light.

Plants at the Veronica Beard store on Melrose Place.

How can you revive a plant that has had too much water?

That’s a tough one! We tell our customers to lean towards under-watering, vs over-watering, when they’re not sure how much water their plant needs. It’s easier to add water than to remove it.

If you have over-watered your plant though, remove any excess water from the saucer/pot that hasn’t soaked into the potting mix, and put your plant in a sunny spot to help speed up the drying process.

The best plant for your desk is…

A hardy snake plant! Its succulent nature means it’s OK if you’re too busy working to water it, and – unlike other common succulents – it can handle lower light levels. We call that ‘cubicle-friendly’!

The best plant to give as a gift is…

Pilea peperomioides – also known as the friendship plant!

If you only buy one plant for spring, make it a…

Aloe vera – in preparation of summer sunburns!


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