The Veronicas

The VB Edit: Happy Thanksgiving!

November 20, 2018

From left: Veronica Miele Beard's children on turkey duty; Veronica Swanson Beard's Thanksgiving table setting

One of our favorite times of the year is here: Thanksgiving. It kick-starts what we like to call a season of memories. We'll never forget our childhood traditions, from going around the table and taking turns talking about what we are most grateful for (VSB) to each of the children making a dish to go with the turkey, which we’re going to try deep-frying for the first time this year (VMB).

But the holidays are just as much about creating future memories for our children. We continue the traditions with them—and add in a few new ones, too. We'll admit it's not always easy corralling eight kids between us—while getting the table set; the food cooked—so, for the mothers out there, here's one secret to keeping things sane: For every party, decorate the tables the day before with fun little decorations they can play with, including turkey placemats the kids can color.

And don't forget to actually be present. There's a line we love: "Thanksgiving is an annual tradition of observing how people used to communicate before Internet." So true! Our lives are so busy we forget to press pause and enjoy the moment. That's why, at our houses, we make sure all phones are hidden away during dinner, so we can focus on the conversation, and laughter. Well, after the Instagramming, of course; we're not savages.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


From left: Thanksgiving snapshots chez VSB, with her son Rafe, and VMB, with her family

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