Travel Guide: Photographer Natalie Obradovich on the Italian Coast

December 14, 2018

Beachgoers enjoying Polignano a Mare's Mediterranean waters

Craving a warm-weather getaway? Then lose yourself in photographer Natalie Obradovich's sun-kissed travel photos, which perfectly capture the spirit of take-me-there-now. Or, if you're in the Los Angeles area, stop by our Melrose store—you can see her work, up close and personal, as she takes over the space starting today and through the weekend. Here, Natalie takes us through some of the art on view—all of la bella italia—and shares her vacation recs for each.

Polignano a Mare, Puglia

This shot is taken from the town of Polignano a Mare, looking down at the sea. I'll never forget watching people swim and laugh, enjoying the sea, while taking these shots. One of my favorite parts about shooting people in Italy is seeing their joy when they're on holiday and at their most relaxed. 

The Faraglioni rock formations off the coast of Capri

The Faraglioni, Capri

After a wedding in Positano, my friends and I did a girls' trip to Capri for a few nights. We decided to take a boat trip for the day and, en route to Capri, stopped at Conca del Sogno in Nerano for lunch. This photo was taken on our way into Capri as the afternoon rain had stopped and the sun started to go down. It was a truly unforgettable moment sitting in the boat, with my friends, with the Faraglioni ahead.

La Fontelina, Capri

This is the view from Hotel Punta Tragara overlooking La Fontelina, the iconic blue-and-white umbrella beach club. You walk down a long (and steep!) path to the club and, out of nowhere, you can spot the umbrellas and finally know you're close. The walk back up in the afternoon is quite the workout with a belly full of pasta and wine.

Aerial view of Capri's La Fontelina beach club

Positano's colorful cliffside architecture

Positano, Campania

This photo was taken while arriving by sea. We were on our way into town to shop and have late afternoon drinks at Le Sirenuse, after a swim on our nearby boat. Quite an unforgettable afternoon.

Da Adolfo, Positano

This is the view looking out from Da Adolfo, my favorite restaurant in the world. The waiters don't wear shoes and the overall unpretentious vibe, combined with the excellent food, is what makes it so special. The photo was taken late in the afternoon after a long meal with my best friends, after a wedding celebration. One of my best girlfriends is actually the girl in the one-piece walking up from the sea.

The languorous atmosphere of Positano's Da Adolfo restaurant

Ostuni, Puglia

This photo was taken in Ostuni on my first and only trip to Puglia. The landscape and architecture—often whitewashed—are quite different here, as you can see. And you must visit the ceramic shops. The ceramics from this region differ from the colorful pottery you often see along the Amalfi Coast. I purchased two vases from a local shop and turned them into lamps for my bedroom when I returned to the U.S.!

Ostuni's famous whitewashed facades

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