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Veronica Beard ♡ Kassatex

How to get the Goldie Glow by Kelly Florio Kasouf

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Instead of my usual boho beach look, this summer I am going to channel my inner Goldie Hawn. That’s right—my Irish-Italian, big brunette and freckled self is going to find my inner blondie.

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I'm talking specifically about Goldie's character in the 1987 cult film Overboard, one of my forever-favorite flicks. Joanna Stayton, A.K.A. Annie Proffitt, was the epitome of snobbery, elitism, and pure condescension, but let’s be honest, Goldie looked absolutely fabulous. Whether wearing an abundance of designer threads and trends—simultaneously!—while getting a quick pedicure under a juicy red and white striped umbrella, or going full-throttle flannel with Kurt Russell, sans makeup, Goldie positively glowed. 

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But let’s not forget it was also her shining personality that made her America’s sweetheart as both characters in this movie. Rigid, unwilling to back down, then eventually, soft, caring, and motivating.

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I'm not the only one captivated. Overboard Goldie is the muse behind the new Veronica Beard ♡ Kassatex collection. Can't you just picture her on the promenade in the terry blazerleopard turban in her hair and nonchalantly carrying a terry tote and towel? It's a vision we all want to experience this summer—and can, even if we're not all heiresses with a yacht to call our own. Here, three easy steps to achieve that Goldie Glow. 

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1. Push it real good. Don't fear offending someone when asking for what you deserve, whether a pay raise, a promotion, or credit for a community-wide project; voicing your opinion is the Joanna Stayton way. Goldie had a voice before and after she came to realize a) her real husband was a total dud, and b) her new family needed some major makeovers, emotionally and motivationally, and was desperate for a maternal touch. The boys witnessing their “fake mom” go to their defense—this was her major “golden” moment. It wasn't when she harassed the delightfully scheming but equally riotous Dean Proffitt, played by Kurt Russell, for his informal code of conduct—or when she shoved him off the boat. No, she found her inner glow and true grit when she finally connected with people in a heartfelt way while surprising even herself with her vulnerability and willingness to protect the ones she loved.

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2. Now that you have demanded your place, it’s time to highlight your best assets—like with the VB ♡ Kassatex terry blazer that perfectly hugs your curves at just the right places while keeping you elegantly covered during breezy summer evenings and post-poolside swims. With a martini in hand, summer won’t know how to handle you.

3. Shine on, you crazy diamond. Your skin, kissed by the sun. Your hair, salty with just enough beach waves. Accentuate the glow with Luma Beauty’s Illuminating Highlighter on the high points of your face and add Just a Touchlip tint in Signorita to your pouty lips. No need for anything else. Let your inner beauty shine. 

Goldie knew how to work each scene. Whether it was helping her man achieve his mini golf dreams, or sharing a cocktail with the staff in her gold sequin gown, she radiated strength, beauty, and wit . After all, isn’t that what summer is about? 

Above and here: Goldie Hawn as Joanna Stayton in Garry Marshall's Overboard (1987) 

Kelly Florio Kasouf is an author, essayist and longtime magazine vet—and, now, a contributing editor at VB Edit. Read more of her writing here.