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The Veronica Beard and Good+ teams showing off our beribboned blanket "bears"

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VB in Action: Blanket Bears & Virtual Volunteering

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Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out in March, Good+Foundation has donated $1.8 million in goods to those in need—that's 1.6 million diapers, 90,000 packs of wipes, 15,000 backpacks and school supplies, and over 120,000 hygiene products, like soap, diaper creams and toothpaste—in addition to an impressive $125,000 in microgrants. We couldn't be prouder to support the good work our #VBGIVESBACK partner is doing—a portion of proceeds from every single purchase gives back to the cause and will continue to do so through June 30.

Still, as a company, we wanted to do more. The Veronicas have long been involved with Good+, which was founded by Jessica Seinfeld in 2001 to provide both critical goods and services to low-income families and caregivers; Veronica Swanson Beard is a board member as well.

We had planned to roll up our sleeves and volunteer with the group and help out, on the ground. Of course, COVID-19 and social distancing threw that all out the window. So we did the next best thing: We headed to Zoom.

Yesterday, team VB—both employees from HQ in New York and store associates nationwide—gathered for a virtual volunteer session with the Good+ family to craft "bears" out of baby blankets. "You'll be providing essential goods that are needed right now," explained Laurel Parker West, Vice President of National Programs and Operations, "but more than anything, you're showing families who are really struggling that someone still cares for them."

#VFH (volunteer from home) is the new #WFH, by VB Social Media

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Veronica Swanson Beard's punny "bears"

Veronica Miele Beard's pretty-in-pink lineup

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How-To: Make Your Own Blanket "Bear"

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A snapshot of the supplies, by VB Creative

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Baby blankets, rubber bands, both big and small, ribbon and scissors


Step 1: Lay the blanket flat on the, print side down. Fold both ends to meet in the middle.

Step 2: Once folded, roll each side tightly into the middle.

Step 3: Flip the blanket over so the rolled sides are underneath. Holding the top left corner, flip the left half over, creating a X-like "twist" in the middle. This will be the bear's body and legs.

Step 4: Bend the top (i.e. the right half) over, to cover about 2/3 of the left half.

Step 5: Place a big rubber band somewhat in the middle of the blanket to create the bear's "head."

Step 6: Slightly unroll the top two corners of this "head" to shape and form "ears." Once they appear ear-like, take two smaller rubber bands and secure in place.

Step 7: Complete your bear by tying a ribbon around its neck.

Group garden party, by VB Public Relations

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VB Creative's red carpet treatment

Mr. DeMille, ready for my close-up... by VB Editorial

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