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VB in Action: Bag of Hope

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Join us in spreading the love...

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As we continue to support JDRF this quarter through our #VBGIVESBACK program, we do so with the same goal in mind: to take you further into our partnerships and engage in a deeper and more meaningful way with this charity.

Our retail stores are rolling up their sleeves and getting involved in a real way. From now until this Sunday, September 20th, Veronica Beard is helping to raise additional funds for the foundation’s Bag of Hope, a special care package filled with useful resources for children that have been recently diagnosed with Diabetes.   

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Join us in giving back with $20 and $50 donations at any of our retail locations.

But we’re not stopping there. 

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VB HQ is also taking part in spreading the love. This week, more than 100 heartfelt letters are being hand-written by our staff, nation-wide, and being included in these Bag of Hope backpacks.

And as always, a donation is being made from every single online purchase—straight back to the organization.

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So, come on in and join us in being part of the sisterhood of #VBGIVESBACK.

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