Veronica Beard x Leontine Linens: Inside the Collaboration

April 26, 2018

We are so excited to announce our exclusive collaboration with New Orleans-based Leontine Linens! We are launching three exclusive bags, perfect for the girl on-the-go, that combine the old world style of monogrammed linens with just the right amount of cheeky VB humor.

We've been longtime fans of Jane Scott Hodges, the founder of Leontine Linens, and wanted to talk with her about all things style and interiors. Check out our interview below and shop the products here!

Where does your love for linens come from?

I discovered a treasure trove of heirloom family monogrammed linens when my parents restored their 1780 stone house. The care and attention to detail seemed lost to me in the offerings I could find in 1995. I wanted to create linens that were beautiful and personal but could be used every day and not relegated to a linen closet.

What inspired you to create Leontine Linens?

I was planning my wedding and fantasizing about my new married monogram.I had been looking for heirloom linens, and I had in my head what I wanted, but couldn’t find them. I wanted my great grandmother’s linens, but with a current sensibility. I knew if I was looking for these, others had to be as well.

How have you modernized the monogram?

The monogram was once solely thought of as a form of identification, today I encourage my clients to incorporate as a decorative element by using color, scale and personality! It should be thought of as an extension of your décor.

Leontine Linens Founder Jane Scott Hodges

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How would you define your personal style? How have you infused it into the way you decorate with linens?

I define my personal style in the same way I do Leontine Linens – the fun is in the mix!I’ve never been more confident about mixing patterns, using bold color, and playing with scale – all the same tenets that are the basis of my company you will see in my closet!

What made you excited to create these products with us?

Both Leontine Linens and Veronica Beard are founded on the similar notion of providing modern perspective on iconic pieces…. I love the way the Veronica’s add a modern sensibility to traditional pieces! Who else could have brought the “dickey” back!? When I started Leontine Linens no one was using old ‘fuddy duddy’ monograms! It’s all about the approach and the vision. I think we are wonderfully copacetic that way and was thrilled to have the opportunity to do this collaboration!

My monogram style is…

Always changing! I can’t pick just one.

The key to a perfect table setting is..

To think about setting the table as you would pick your outfit – the FUN IS IN THE MIX! Use your traditional china with fun patterned napkins you find at Anthropologie! Use your silver goblets with a mix of found glass tumblers from the FLEA! Set the tone for your guests and the fun will unfold!

No home is complete without…

Friends and family! Try to entertain at home! It shows the people in your life how much you care about them when you have them into your home for both special occasions and everyday events!

Veronica Beard is…

Classic with a modern flair – always CHIC and a go to in the closet!


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