VMB Loves: All Things Braids

May 16, 2017

I’m never afraid to experiment when it comes to beauty and one of the trends I love playing with the most is braids. Whether I'm at  fashion week, a shoot or a special event, I can always find a way to incorporate braids into my beauty look. Below are some of my favorite styles from the last few years plus tips from stylist Juli Akaneya – a total braid genius!


Prep Your Hair

“Dirty hair is easier to braid because it has more grit and hold. When hair is clean it's a bit too slippery and hard to braid. Products can also be used to dirty up clean hair. I love to use R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste to give the hair some texture prior to braiding.”

Curly Hair + Braids

“For curly/textured hair, I like to wet the hair prior to braiding it to help give the braid definition and to combat frizz. Adding a drop of serum or oil will also help tame frizz and add definition and sheen.”

Fine Hair? No Problem

“A great technique for braiding fine hair is to loosen or tug on the curves of the braid to help fatten it up and make it look like the hair is fuller. To do this, start braiding the hair and tug on the loops of the braid a little at a time as you continue to braid the hair down. This also gives it a more lived in/beachy look. I also like to go back in with R+Co's Grid Structural Hold Setting Spray to keep everything in place.”

Bobby Pins are Your BFF

“Bobby pins can be used to fix any imperfections in a braid. If the hair is layered and there are too many flyaways popping out, just secure the hair with a bobby pin that is the same color as your hair so that it cannot be seen. This can be done throughout the braid to help clean it up."

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