The Veronicas

We’ve been COVETEUR’D

December 2015

In Case You Missed It…

The fabulous Jake Rosenberg captured our very own VSB and VMB at home for the super-chic site The Coveteur. Here are some of our favorite pics of the Veronicas’ in their element and a peek into their enviable closets!
Head on over to The Coveteur for the full features onVSB &VMB.

“Veronica Beard (the label) has been nothing short of a roaring success, as in they supply us with the kind of daily uniform that isn’t boring, but also (very important) isn’t a lot of work. Like their very popular Dickey jacket, for example, which we’ve been coveting for going on, like, four years now, which is customizable with innumerable—you guessed it!—dickeys and makes the whole layering thing just about the easiest morning project ever (and their new online jacket shopmakes playing around with these combos that much more amusing).”

– The Coveteur

“My personal style is eclectic. I love to take risks with my looks and I still do today even after becoming a mother of five! Yes, my skirt lengths have come down a little and I don’t wear short shorts, but I love mixing prints, wearing lace, animal prints, something sparkly and the occasional fringe, mixed with some rock and roll. I love one statement piece and I get even more into the supporting players like hair and makeup. Sometimes the hair or makeup IS the outfit worn with something sleek! I ALWAYS need to walk out feeling a bit sexy or I’m changing!”


"There are the very early vivid memories—the plastic heels I wore everywhere, the Wonder Woman costume I drew, cut out and stapled onto the clothing on my body, the Jazzercise outfits I'd wear at home… Starting Veronica Beard is my dream come true…"


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