#WearYourVB: Blair Eadie's Holiday Guide

December 5, 2018

Miller Dickey Jacket / Monroe Skirt

Atlantic-Pacific's Blair Eadie counts down her top 10 rules to maximizing the holidays. From style tips to favorite traditions, here's how to celebrate the Yuletide the Eadie way. 


Holiday dressing is all about mixing it up! While black will always be top of mind for holiday occasions, don't be afraid to mix color, print and pattern. I love the more unexpected holiday looks, like a pop of plaid, a beautiful and dark grounded floral or even hits of color through accessories. 


My party ice-breaker is to ask, "What was the first concert you ever attended?" You'll get some great answers. Mine was the Warped Tour. 🙂


Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas" is my go-to holiday song. DON'T TRY TO PRETEND THIS ISN'T THE BEST HOLIDAY SONG EVER. 


More is more. This is the best time of the year to wear sparkle, an over-the-top bag and glittery shoes! 


Layering is key. I am always looking to find ways to stay covered and warm while still being dressed up. You can still look festive in tights, long sleeves or pants. Living in NYC, I am hopping from drinks to dinners to parties—often on the subway—so I am always looking for looks that are chic but practical.  

Frisco Jacket / Gretta Sweatpants


Life is short—wear the shoes! This is the time to pull out your most extra pair of kicks. The more bling, glitter and the higher the heel, the better! Throw a pair of flats in your bag if you have to.


My favorite holiday food? Pigs in a blanket. Everyone loves to pretend to be fancy, but let's be honest, pigs in a blanket are the best appetizer at any party. Or anything with cheese.


Right now I am loving the statement headband and the return of big, blingy earrings! Those two have been my go-to accessories for the moment. I am also loving adding a pop of color through bright tights—a cheap and easy way to really change up a look and add interest.


As for movie, it's National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I've watched this movie every year with my family since I can remember. Ours is taped from a TV showing of it, so it includes commercials from the early Nineties, which honestly might be better than the movie itself! A Christmas Story is a very close second.


A lot of people focus on the gift and wrapping but miss the art of writing a thoughtful note, something that is longer than those silly gift tags. I try and spend 20 minutes handwriting notes to give with each gift, be it to a family member, friend or hostess. During this time of the year, people will receive lots of gifts both big and small—taking the time to show your gratitude through words will mean more than anything you can spend money on.


Annika Dress

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