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Veronica Beard ♡ La Ligne

Pro Tip: Veronica Miele Beard on Building a Look

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The Veronicas were recently featured on La Ligne, the fashion label founded by Valerie Macaulay, Meredith Melling and Molly Howard that's dedicated to all things stripes. Check out the story, The Dream Team, here and keeping reading to go behind the scenes of Veronica Miele Beard's day at the shoot and learn how she concepts a look. (For Veronica Swanson Beard's take, head here.)

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"I’m incredibly grateful to be invited into Meredith and Valerie’s vintage closet to pair a piece from the current La Ligne collection, the Eloise top, back to some vintage and Veronica Beard pieces. I was inspired by all of the animal prints and textures. I decided to layer all of the animal prints together, including the accessories! The brocade cape was perfect, tying back to the orange tiger-print top and vintage-inspired VB jeans.

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"The statement drop earrings play off the linear pattern while the leopard belt, worn high to cinch the top, offers some fun contrast. For makeup, I opted for a cat-eye, with a slight fluorescent orange flick at the end. I love that it nodded to the feline theme of the print, and also to 'la ligne!' I kept the hair and lipstick simple to pop the eye.

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"My approach to building a look is to create supporting players (in this case, all of the animal prints) and add a pop (here, the eyeliner). It's about the whole picture, the whole image. And, of course, there’s my golden rule: Have fun with it!" — Veronica Miele Beard

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